HTML Help Viewer 5.3.2 - Supported Tags:

  This document describes the subset of HTML supported by Help.
  <!-- -->
    Comment. All tags and text within the comment are ignored by HTML Help.
    Help fully supports the HREF and NAME attributes, except that: 
      * Links to other files can only be relative, not absolute. So
        HREF="..\foo.htm" works but HREF="C:\foo.htm" does not 
      * Double quotation marks "" must always be put around filenames
        and bookmarks e.g. HREF="foo.htm" but not HREF=foo.htm 
      * references to web and email addresses are ignored. 
      * DOS-style (8.3) filenames should be used. 
    Bold text is displayed in bright white.
    Indicates the beginning of the text to be displayed.
    Line break.
    Code is just displayed as bold text (in bright white).
    Emphasised text like italicised text, is displayed using
    the color magenta (a shade of purple). 
    Help puts this header 1 text in bold and puts a thick line
    underneath it.
  <H2>, <H3>
    Header 2 and 3 text is put in bold, and a new paragraph is started.
    HTML Header.
    Creates a horizontal rule along the screen. Only a horizontal rule
    without any attributes is supported at present.
    Denotes a HTML file.
    Italicised text is displayed using the color magenta (a shade
    of purple).
    A list object.
    At present, ordered lists are rendered as unordered lists. Embedded
    lists are not supported. 
    New paragraph.
    Preformatted text
    Strong gext, like bold text, is displayed as
     bright white.
    Does nothing - yet.
    TT text, like italicised text, is displayed using the
    color magenta (a shade of purple). 
    Embedded lists are not currently supported.

Character Entities supported in HTML Help:

  Over 250 character entities are supported, including all Latin-1
  entities. NCRs (Numeric Character References) and UTF-8 are also
  supported. However, help can only display those characters that are
  available in the currently active DOS codepage. For a list of codepages
  that help is 'aware' of, type "HELP /C" at the command prompt. 

General Notes on HTML Help:

   1. Text is wrapped if it does not fit on the line.
   2. Tags are case insensitive, so <A HREF="FOO.HTM"> is equivelent to
      <a href="foo.htm">.
   3. The maximum size for a document is 64K.
   4. Only short (8.3) file names are supported.
   5. Help distinguishes between file types by filename extension.
      Therefore the .htm extension is recommended for HTML files.  

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