Format a hard drive or floppy disk.
   format d: [options]
Warning: while format supports FAT32, running under Win98 to create FAT32 does not work well.


  The hard drive or floppy disk to format.
  Gives very detailed information, for debugging and for bug

  Assign this label to the formatted disk.

  Do a quick format.  This clears the FAT and root directory, but does
  not erase the disk.

  Do an unconditional format.

  Format the disk to a specific size. This can only be used with
  floppy disks. Valid values are:
    160 | 160k | 160kb
    Format to 160kb.

    180 | 180k | 180kb
    Format to 180kb.

    320 | 320k | 320kb
    Format to 320kb.

    360 | 360k | 360kb
    Format to 360kb.

    720 | 720k | 720kb
    Format to 720kb.

    1200 | 1200k | 1200kb | 1.2 | 1.2m | 1.2mb
    Format to 1.2MB.

    1440 | 1440k | 1440kb | 1.44 | 1.44m | 1.44mb
    Format to 1.44MB.

    2880 | 2880k | 2880kb | 2.88 | 2.88m | 2.88mb
    Format to 2.88MB.

  Reserve space to make a bootable disk. This cannot
  be combined with /S.

  Make a system disk (copy files to make it bootable.)

  Specify the number of tracks on the disk.

  Specify the number of sectors.

  Format a single-sided disk.

  Format a 5-1/4 inch 360KB DSDD disk on a 1.2MB drive.

  Format a 5-1/4 inch disk with 8 SPT.

/Z Options

/Z:longhelp Gives detailed, technical usage information. /Z:seriously Suppresses the confirmation request when you use format with a hard disk. /Z:mirror Saves the unformat "mirror data", without formatting the disk. /Z:unformat Unformats the disk, if the mirror data is fresh.

Copyright © 1998 Jim Hall
This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO. See the file H2Cpying.txt for copying conditions.