How to use FreeDOS Help

Using the Mouse

Using the Keyboard

Understanding Help Topic "Syntax"

On most help topics you will see something like this:

   command required [optional] [/switch] [/A|/B]

Here is an explaination of the different parts of this line:

   This is the name of the command

   Anything that follows the command name, which is not in
   square brackets, [ and ], is a required parameter.
   The command will report an error if you don't give this

   options are written in square brackets, [ and ]. These change the
   way the command runs. The square brackets aren't meant
   to be typed when the command is used.

   Options that begin with a / are called switches. The / symbol is
   actually typed when the switch is used.

   When there is a | symbol, this means there is a choice between
   two options. Either /A or /B is allowed, but not both.
   The | isn't meant to be typed when the command is used.

Other Ways of Getting Help

1. Most commands will describe their function and options, by using /? on them at the command line. For example:
   dir /?
2. The command fasthelp. This is a clone of MS-DOS fasthelp. If you can't find what you are looking for in help, it may be in fasthelp, or vice versa.

3. The commands Whatis and Apropos

4. The doc subdirectory in the DOS directory contains many of the detailed manuals for various FreeDOS programs.

5. Visit the FreeDOS website,
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