Command: diskcomp

  DISKCOMP compares the contents of two floppy disks, track by track.


  diskcomp [drive: [drive:]] [/1] [/8] [/4[0]] [/b] [/?]
    drive:  The drive letter for a floppy disk. If only one
            drive letter is given, assume the working drive
            (if a floppy drive.) If no drive letters are given,
            assume both are the working drive (if a floppy).
            If both drives are the same, diskcomp will read one
            floppy at a time, and you will need to swap floppies.


  /1   Compare only the first sides of the disks, even if
       double-sided disks.
  /8   Compare only the first 8 sectors per track.
  /40  Compare only the first 40 tracks (shortcut: /4).
  /b   Forces diskcomp to use the BIOS to access the floppy
       disk drive. (The BIOS is slower, but might be required
       for compatibility on some machines.)
  /?   Shows the help.


  This program compares two disks (max 32 MB each) and shows the
  md5sum digest of the contents. It tells whether disk contents
  differ (shows a message and sets the ERRORLEVEL / EXITCODE
  If you only give one drive, you have to change disks after the
  first disk is read. If you give no drive option, two disks in
  the current drive are compared to each other.


  diskcomp A: A:  compares two disks
  diskcomp A: B:  (you need two diskette drives)

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