Command: imgedit

  IMGEDIT is a game development asset image editor.


  imgedit.exe [options]


  [filename]  Specify file to edit. If none is specified, NONAME.IMG
              will be assumed. If the file does not exist, a new image
              of 16x16 will be created.
  /size X:Y   Set new image or font size.


  ImgEdit is not a paint program, picture editor or other similar type of
  photo editing program. It is designed specifically towards pixel
  editing small images to be used by graphical programs and games in DOS.
  It came into being because I needed some graphics to use in a game and
  no other free and open source program suited my needs. Maybe someday
  I'll add support for larger images and other things to make it more
  useful as a general picture editor.
  When using ImgEdit, the UI has some unique and interesting behaviour.
  In part, this is becaused it's running on top of a custom game engine.
  You are probably used to having the left and right mouse button do
  different things.
  Of course while drawing in ImgEdit, the left mouse button draws and
  right button erases. But, the UI ups that another notch. Many of the
  other elements behave a little different when the right button is used.
  For example, items like "Rotate" in the menu rotate left with one button
  and right with the other.
  The concept of left/right mouse buttons extends to the keyboard controls
  as well. Using "Rotate" again as an example, (Left) Alt+R and (Right)
  Alt+R rotate in opposite directions. Then (Left) Shift+Arrow and
  (Right) Shift+Arrow will shift the image the same direction using a
  different fill color.
  I could list the actions which have distinct left/right behaviour. But,
  ImgEdit is still evolving and it is not that difficult to figure out.
  Just play around in the UI, you'll figure it out. :-)
  One more thing... Only very limited support for non-native graphics file
  formats (such as BMP). While other programs should be able to read the
  files created by ImgEdit, files created elsewhere probably won't be
  readable by ImgEdit. When it comes to BMP support, this is primarily for
  three reasons. It only supports BMP specification 3 (for Windows 3.1).
  It only supports 256 color BMPs. It does not support more than one
  color plane.


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