Command: spool

  SPOOL is a print spooler.


  - none -
  SPOOL.DEV is a driver to be installed.
  BUFFERP.COM is the print spooler command.control
  (actual only available as .asm file!)




  Install the following line you CONFIG.SYS file on the boot disk: [/option1] [/option2]
   Where option may be the following:
     Option 1:  "/1" -"/64" Decimal digit(s) indicating (k)size of memory
                to reserve for print buffer.
     Option 2:  "/L(1,2,3)" or "/C(1,2)".
                Specifies which port is buffered, and becomes STANDARD
                PRN output. Only one may be specified.
                Option "L(1,2,3)" indicates LPT1,LPT2 or LPT3
                respectively. Option "/C(1,2)" indicates
                Com1 or Com2 port.
  Thus if the following line is installed:
                device = /l2 /60
  It means spool the PRN output to LPT2, reserve a 60K buffer. Options
  are not case sensitive! Options may be installed in any order. Any
  other characters are ignored. Default setup is:
                LPT1  and 1K buffer

  Buffer control:
    Operating the buffer control program, "BUFFERP" is fairly simple.
    Just execute it at DOS prompt. It will bring up a simple menu. Only
    one command is executed at a time. Pretty self-explanatory.



  In command line: (only exists as .asm file at the moment)

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