Command: tickle

  TICKLE is a read-ahead for LBACACHE. This gives extra speed to
  floppy disk drives.


  tickle [/CHS] [/LBA] [/?]


  /CHS  Old harddisk read-ahead on (CHS mode - Cylinder/Head/Sector).
  /LBA  New harddisk read-ahead on (LBA mode - Logical Block Adressing).
  /?    Shows the help.


  TICKLE reads the whole floppy track at once when you
  first read anything in a track - this is faster because
  the floppy has to revolve less often.
  Floppy read-ahead is always on.
  Load LBACACHE with FLOP option enabled first!
  Do not LH / LOADHIGH TICKLE, risk of data loss / DMA problems!
  For more information see:
  packet: lbacache, section: DOC  OR:


  To speed up a diskette:
    lbacache FLOP  (Enables floppy cache)
    tickle         (Floppy read-ahead is always on)

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