CD drive cache program. Improves drive performance.
Requires XMS memory, and at least a 386 computer.
In config.sys, either

    device=cdrcache device name cachesize
    devicehigh=cdrcache device name cachesize
Load CDRcache after loading your CD-ROM device driver (usually atapicdd.sys).


    The same name of the device that you previously loaded with your CD-ROM
    device driver.

    A new name which you will pass to shsucdx in
    the autoexec.bat

    Specifies the cache buffer size in kilobytes. The
    cache is stored in XMS memory.
    Minimum value is 128
    Maximum value is 65280
    Values below 100 are valid for compatibility with previous
    versions of CDRcache. Below 100, sizes are interpreted as
    multiples of 0.25MB.

Controlling the driver after loading

    echo command > name
Where name is the parameter passed to CDRcache (see above).
Command is:
  F      - Flush the cache
  S      - show Statistics
  I      - show statistics with extra technical Information
  C      - Clear statistics
  Q      - Quiet mode
  N      - Normal verbosity
  V      - Verbose/trace mode
  0      - stop caching
  1      - continue caching (after stop for instance)
  ?      - show help text


In config.sys:

   DEVICE=c:\fdos\bin\Atapicdd.sys /D:FDCD0000
   DEVICE=c:\fdos\bin\CDRcache.sys FDCD0000 CDRCACH$ 2048

then in autoexec.bat:

   c:\fdos\bin\shsucdx /D:CDRCACH$
This allocates a 2048KB (2MB) cache buffer for a single IDE CD drive.

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