Checks a drive for errors, and optionally attempt to fix them. It also gives a detailed analysis of the disk's size and structure.
        Chkdsk [volume:] [/f] [/d <files>] [/r] [/s] [/v]


   The disk, drive or partition that you wish to check, for instance:
        chkdsk a:
   Would check the A drive. If no volume is given, the current drive
   is assumed.

   Tells chkdsk to attempt to fix any errors.

   /d <files>
   This will list the level of fragmentation for each file. If many
   files are very fragmented then disk operation can be slow. You can
   defragment your disk drive with defrag.
   This option also lists the file attributes for each file, see
   attrib for more information about file

   Scans for and attempts to recover data

   Tells chkdsk not to check the drive, but only to display the
   drive analysis.

   This lists the files as they are being checked. Note that this
   can slow things down, especially if there are many files.

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