Command: memory

  MEMORY displays the usage of internal memory of FreeCOM.
  The internals of FreeCOM are currently under heavy construction,
  the actual output might vary heavily from this example.


  MEMORY [/?]


  /?  Shows the help


  MEMORY may display this:

  Environment segment    : max    1200 bytes; free     8 bytes
  Context segment        : max    2304 bytes; free  2252 bytes
          Aliases        : limit  1024 bytes, current  5 bytes,  0 items
          History        : limit   256 bytes, current 34 bytes,  2 items
          Directory stack: limit   256 bytes, current  5 bytes,  0 items
          Last dir cache : used      0 bytes,     0 items
          Swapinfo       : used      0 bytes,     0 items
  Heap                   : free 482080 bytes

  -  The Environment segment is the storage area, the ENVIRONMENT
     VARIABLES are stored in. It may be changed passing the /E
     option to FreeCOM.
  -  FreeCOM stores several internal information into the Context
     segment; the Aliases - modified by the ALIAS command -,
     the History - displayed using the HISTORY command, accessed by
     pressing the cursor Up/Down keys on command line -, the Directory
     stack - displayed with the DIRS command and accessed using the
     PUSHD and POPD commands -, the Last directory - accessed with
     the CD / CHDIR command -, and, finally, some internal commands
     used by the low-level swap interface of FreeCOM.
  -  The Heap is the storage area FreeCOM can allocated memory
     from itself. This value is useful for FreeCOM developers mostly.

  - max specifies the maximum amount of bytes allocatable within
    this storage area.
  - free specifies the unused bytes within this storage area.
  - limit specifies the maximum amount of bytes allocatable
    for the particular information within the area.
  - current specifies the amount of bytes currently allocated
    for the particular information.
  - items specifies the number of items stored for the particular
    information, e.g. how many directories have been pushed onto the
    stack using PUSHD.


  - none -

See also:

  environment variable

  Copyright © 2004 Robert Platt, updated 2011 and 2022 by W. Spiegl.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
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