Command: vol

  VOL displays the disk volume label and serial number, if they exist.


  VOL [drive]
  VOL [/?]
      drive  Specifies the drive letter to display the volume
             label, e.g. C: and the serial number


  /?  Shows the help.


  Each drive letter can have an own volume label. You can create it
  with LABEL and FORMAT drive /V:LABEL. The name cannot be longer
  than 11 characters.
  The serial number is shown by DIR and LABEL independent
  if the drive has a label set.
  VOL is a command internal to and needs no other file
  in order to work.


  To obtain a partition:
  fdisk                (Follow instructions), Option 4 shows the volume
                       label (when there already exists one)
  format c: /V:DRV_C   (Formats drive C: and gives the label DRV_C)
  label c:             (Shows drive C: and its label DRV_C and asks if
                       you want to create a new label)
  vol c:               (Shows drive C: and its label DRV_C or a new one
                       created by format or label)

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