Installs the CuteMouse mouse driver.
   ctmouse [options]
   LOADHIGH ctmouse [options]


  /P       - force PS/2 mouse mode
  /S[c[i]] - force serial mouse mode at COM port c (c=1-4, default is COM1)
             with IRQ line i (i=2-7, default is IRQ4 for COM1/3 and IRQ3
             for COM2/4)
  /Y       - prevent Mouse Systems mode
  /V       - reverse search: find PS/2 after serial mouse
  /3       - force 3-button mode (for Microsoft and PS/2 mice only)
  /R[h[v]] - horizontal/vertical resolution (h,v=0-9; missing option R, no
             arguments or 0 as argument after R mean auto resolution,
             second argument means same value as for first argument)
  /L       - left hand mode (default is right hand mode)
  /B       - cancel run if mouse services already present
  /W       - prevent loading TSR into UMB
  /U       - uninstall driver
  /?       - show this help


ctmouse2 is a new branching of CuteMouse which supports the mouse wheel. It provides a wheel API (application programmer's interface), so that FreeDOS programs can use the mouse wheel.
Visit the CuteMouse website at http://cutemouse.sourceforge.net

Copyright © 1997-2004 Nagy Daniel
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