Displays/changes the system date.
   date [newdate]
   date /D
If no new date is given, the current date is displayed and you are prompted for a new date.


      dd-mm-yy or dd-mm-yyyy
      dd/mm/yy or dd/mm/yyyy or
  The new date for your system.
  Values for the day, month, and year may be seperated by periods, hyphens,
  or slashes. Either a 4-digit or 2-digit year may be used. 
  Displays the date without prompting for a new setting.


If a 2-digit year is specified, then years from 00-79 are assumed to mean 2000-2079. Years from 80-99 are assumed to mean 1980 - 1999.

When prompted for a new time, press enter to accept the current setting without changing it.

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