Provides codepage management capabilities for the default console driver.

   display <devname>[:]=(<hardwaretype>,[{n|(n1,[n2,]...)}],[{m|(m,k)}])

In versions prior to 1.0, DISPLAY does not load as an standard device driver
yet, but as an executable (hence do not load it with DEVICE= in CONFIG.SYS).

To communicate with DISPLAY, use MODE CON CODEPAGE command with CPI files.


devname In version 1.0 or later, the name of the console device which is going to be expanded (usually CON). The colon is optional. In versions prior to 1.0, any valid name for a device driver. hardwaretype The identifier of the hardware display adapter type. It may also determine the number of subfonts to use. Valid types are EGA EGA or VGA adapters (automatic detection of subfonts) LCD LCD display adapters (needing only one subfont) EGA 8 EGA 14 EGA adapters (2 subfonts) VGA VGA adapters (or compatible) (3 subfonts) n, n1, n2,... Numbers for the codepage numbers of the hardware codepages. You probably have one, with codepage number 437. Adapters with more than one hardware codepages may require additional software (such as ARABIC.COM/HEBREW.COM) m Number of buffers that you want to specify to prepare codepages (default is 1) k Number of subfonts that you can optionally determine (always equal or higher than the number of subfonts that your hardware adapter needs)


DISPLAY CON=(EGA,437,1) You specify that you have an EGA/VGA adapter, with hardware codepage 437, and request only 1 buffer, in order to minimise resident memory footprint. DISPLAY CON=(EGA 14,(437,650),3) You have an EGA adapter (with 2 subfonts per codepage), and have two hardware codepages available, numbers 437 and 650, and specify three buffers to prepare software codepages.

See Also

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