Compares two files or sets of files, displaying the differences between the two.
   fc [d:][path]file1 [d:][path]file2 [options] 
Compares file1 to file2.


  Displays the first and last lines of differences only

  Compares binary files

  Ignore case

  Compare text files

  Set the maximum number of consecutive different ASCII lines to n

  Set the maximum number of differences between binary files
  to report, before aborting.
  The default value is 20.
  Use 0 to allow an unlimited number of differences.

  Display the line numbers (text files only)

  Scan files in subdirectories as well

  Does not convert tabs into spaces for comparison

  Pack white space (tabs, spaces) for text comparison

  Do not show context lines in text comparison

  Set to nnn lines the minimum number of consecutive matching
  lines for comparison resynchronization


Copyright © 1999 Maurizio Spagni
This file is covered under GNU General Public License version 2 (or at your option) any later version.