Advanced Power Management tool.
    fdapm command


Commands do not need to have - or / at the beginning.
APMoff   - turn off BIOS APM savings, go full speed
APMbios  - enable standard BIOS APM savings
APMdos   - use resident handler for DOS and BIOS savings
HELP     - display this help screen
INFO     - show information about APM status
STATS    - show statistics of resident handler

STANDBY  - flush caches and enter stand-by mode
SUSPEND  - flush caches, stop IDE disks, enter suspend mode
POWEROFF - flush caches, stop IDE disks, power off VGA and system
VGAoff   - 'turn off' VGA (DPMS screen saver)
VGAon    - turn on VGA again
HOTboot  - reboot using int 19h (just reload kernel - may crash!)
WARMboot - perform a classical warm reboot (skips BIOS tests)
COLDboot - perform a (quite) cold boot (with BIOS tests)

Copyright © 2004 Eric Auer
This file is covered under the GNU General Public Lincense 2. Taken from the program output with command HELP.