Creates partitions on a hard disk.
   fdisk [options]
FDisk can be used in two ways: Note that an exception is that the /MONO option is used with the interactive menu mode.


General Notes on the Options

Partition Table Modification

/AUTO [drive]
   Automatically partitions the hard disk with FAT16 partitions.

/ACTIVATE:partition [drive]
   Sets this partion active

/CLEAR [drive]
   Erases the partitions

/CLEARALL [drive]
   Erases the partitions and the Master Boot Record.

/DELETE {/PRI | /EXT | /LOG:partition | /NUM:partition} [drive]
   Deletes a partition (primary, extended, logical)   

   Removes the active status from the active partition on this drive.

/EXT:size [ {/LOG:size [/SPEC:type]} | {/LOGO:size [/SPEC:type]} ] [drive]
   Creates an Extended DOS Partition.
   Sizes are in megabytes, or a percentage if size,100 is written.
   Use /LOG to create a logical partition, and /LOGO to
   create a FAT16 logical partition, in the extended
   Use /SPEC to specify the partition type number.

/MODIFY:partition,type [drive]
   Sets the partition type.

/MOVE:source_partition,dest_partition [drive]
   Moves the entry, in the primary partition table, from
   source_partition to dest_partition.

/PRI:size [/SPEC:type] [drive] 
   creates a primary partition

/PRIO:size [/SPEC:type] [drive] 
   creates a FAT16 primary partition

/SWAP:first_partition,second_partition [drive]
   swaps two partition entries.

Master Boot Record Modification

/AMBR [drive] Writes the MBR stored in the "boot.mbr" file to the drive. /MBR [drive] Writes the MBR to the specified drive. /RMBR [drive] Removes the MBR from the specified drive /SMBR [drive] Downloads the MBR into a file called "boot.mbr".

Getting Hard Disk Information /DUMP Displays all the information about all possible hard disks. /INFO [/TECH] [drive] Displays partition information on the specified drive

Legacy FDisk options

/ACTOK Skips integrity checking. /CMBR drive Creates the Master Boot Record. /FPRMT Prompts for FAT32/FAT16 in interactive mode. /Q Keeps the system from rebooting after you exit FDisk. (Note: FDisk will not reboot after you exit unless rebooting is enabled in the "fdisk.ini" file.) /STATUS Displays the current partition layout /X Inhibits use of LBA partitions.


/REBOOT Forces a reboot. /MONO Use the monochrome text mode in interactive FDisk. /XO Enable extended options.

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