Extended memory driver for FreeDOS.
      DEVICE=drive:path\fdxms.sys [options]
      DEVICE=drive:path\fdxms286.sys [options]
Fdxms is for 386+ computers. Fdxms286 is for 286 computers.


 Sets the number of XMS handles. Default is 32. Minimum
 is two (not much use of XMS without any handles!) and
 maximum is currently 1024. Each handle takes 5 bytes
 (FDXMS.SYS) or 9 bytes (FDXXMS.SYS).

  Makes FDXMS to always call the BIOS through INT15
  instead of using its own protected mode switching.

  Changes to the particular A20 handling necessary on
  PS/2 machines.

  Removes delays while changing the A20 line. Reported
  to help FDXMS to work on National Semiconductor's
  Geode GX1 processor.

  Number of calls to the delay routine after changing
  the A20 line. If you receive the error message "Unable
  to switch A20 address line", try setting it to a big
  value (say 4000) and see if it helps. Then fine tune
  it as you want as low a value as possible for
  speed. Default is 1. Maximum is 65535 and 0 maps to

Copyright © 2003 Martin Stromberg
This file is covered under the terms of the GNU GPL license v2.