KEY language Keyboard descriptor files compiler KC takes a source keyboard language descriptor file (in KEY language) and converts it into a bare KeybCB or a KL file to be used with FD-KEYB. Please read the accompaining documentation to know more about the KEY language and the output formats. Syntax KC <sourcefilename> [<targetfilename>] [/B] KC /? Options sourcefilename The name of the source file, in KEY language, to be compiled. If extension is omitted, KEY extension is appended automatically targetfilename The name of the KL file to be written (unless /B is used) If extension is omitted, KL extension is appended automatically /B [Bare] Creates a bare binary KeybCB image, instead of a KL file /? Shows fast help Examples KC FR Compiles FR.KEY into FR.KL KC SP.KEY SP.KCB /B Compiles SP.KEY into a bare keyboard control block SP.KCB Copyright: KC 1.0 is distributed under the GNU-GPL 2.0 license or later. KC 1.0 is copyright by Aitor Santamaria Merino. KC documentation by Aitor Santamaria Merino. See Also: KEYB

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