Hard disk cache program. Improves drive performance.
Requires XMS memory, and at least a 386 computer.

To install:
    device=lbacache [options]           (In config.sys)
    devicehigh=lbacache [options]       (In config.sys)
    loadhigh lbacache [options]         (In autoexec.bat, on command line)
    lbacache [options]                  (In autoexec.bat, on command line)
The last usage can also be used with LBAcache after loading.

Options - when loading

    BUF size
    Sets cache size, in multiples of 256k.
    Default is 8  (x256k = 2MB)
    Maximum is 99 (x256k = 24.75MB)
    Minimum is 0  (try to use as much as possible)

    DRV list
    Select hard disks to cache. The default is to cache
    all disks, which are detected automatically.
    List consists of consecutive numbers with no spaces
    in between. These numbers can be:
          0    C:
          1    D:
          7    J:
    For example
          DRV 027
    Will cache the first (C:), third (E:) and
    eighth (J:) drives.
    Caches the floppy disk drive(s). Use tickle
    to speed floppy disks up even further.

Options - after loading

    Shows information and statistics about your cache(s)

    Synchronises cache data. LBAcache currently
    only read caches, so this option only empties the

    Closes the caches and frees XMS. The driver will also
    be uninstalled unless it was loaded in config.sys.


Just running the command without options will read cache all your hard disks (if available through the BIOS) with the default cache buffer size.
    LBACACHE buf 20 flop
This will read cache all hard disks and floppy disks, with 5MB of memory for the cache buffer.
    LBACACHE info
Shows information about your caches.

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