The list of paths which FreeDOS will search for commands and programs run from the command line.
   path [pathlist]
Use path without specifying a path list, to view the current setting.


   sets the list of paths. Seperate the paths with semicolons (;)


   path c:\fdos\bin;c:\util

   path %path%;c:\games
The second example adds c:\games to the existing list, preserving the previously set paths.


Some commands are internal to FreeDOS. However, many are in the \bin directory so you may wish to have this directory on the path list (as in the first example above).

The paths of any frequently used programs can be put on the path list for convenience.

When a program or external command is entered at the command prompt, FreeDOS looks for it in the current directory and then in each of the paths specified by the path command.

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