Combines subst with join with enhanced options.
usage: %s [option] [command]
If swsubst is used without specifying a command, the CDS table is displayed.


   /#: view the statistic of JOIN'ed drives in the CDS table
   /!: like /#; initialize the JOIN-flag, if it differs
   /f: view non-printable characters hexadecimal
   /a: view the CDS table after the command
   /k: create the pathes mentioned within the command
   /t: like /k, in SUBST check only, if path exist
   /_: dump all attributes within the CDS table
   /o=#: use this backslash offset, do not calculate itself
   /x=??: List of drive letters to be ignored while a ::label: search


   -: initialize all SUBST'ed and JOIND'ed drives
   --: initialize all non-networked drives
   dr [-]path: like %s dr [-]path
   /u dr [-]path: substitute dr to point to path
   /j dr [-]path: join dr into path
   /d dr | dr /d | dr - : initialize drive dr (& break SUBST/JOIN)
   /s dr1 dr2: swap dr1 and dr2
   /n [dr1 dr2]: swap unit numbers of the same device driver (Std.: floppies)
   /w dr: set ERRORLEVEL to the drive letter of dr
   /m [-]path: create path including all leading up-directories
   /c [-]path: like /m, then chdir into it
   dr:[+-=]{off,on,phys,net,join,subst,hidden}: set drive flags directly
   /q dr:[+-]{phys,net,join,subst,hidden}: query the drive flags

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Copyright © 1995 Steffen Kaiser
This document is under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.