Make a floppy disk or hard disk bootable.
  sys [[d:]path] d: [bootsect [BOTH]] [BOOTONLY] [switches]


  The (optional) location of the system files.
  If not given, the current directory is assumed.

  The drive to make bootable.

  The name of file, to which the 512-byte boot sector image
  will be written.
  (the drive's real boot sector won't be
   written to unless BOTH is used.)

  The new boot sector will be written to the image file
  and to the actual drive boot sector.

  With this option the boot sector (or image) will be updated,
  but the kernel and will
  not be copied to the destination.


  /K filename
  Gives the filename of the kernel file to be copied. This option
  is only required when the kernel is not called "kernel.sys"

  /L segment
  The load segent, in hexadecimal, to use. The default is 60.

Copyright © 1998 Jim Hall
This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO. See the file H2Cpying.txt for copying conditions.