Command: b64

  B64 is a simple utility that implements Base64 Content-
  Transfer-Encoding standard described in RFC1113.


  b64 -option [-l <num>] [<FileIn> [<FileOut>]]


  -e  Encode to Base64
  -d  Decode from Base64
  -t  Show test instructions. Under Windows the following command line
      will pipe the help text to run a test:
        b64 -t | cmd
  -h  This help text.
  -?  This help text.
  -l  Use to change line size (from 72 characters)


  This is the coding scheme used by MIME to allow
  binary data to be transferred by SMTP mail.
  More documentation is in the b64.c source file.
  B64 has the following ERRORLEVEL / EXITCODE:
  0 = success.  Non-zero is an error code.
  1 = Bad Syntax,
  2 = File Open,
  3 = File I/O


  b64 -e binfile b64file     (Encode to b64)
  b64 -d b64file binfile     (Decode from b64)
  b64 -e -l40 infile outfile (Line Length of 40)

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