Command: dn

  DN (DOS Navigator 2) is an Orthodox file manager. There are still
  many such file managers available today for Windows, Linux and Mac.
  The best known of these is Norton Commander.


  DN (DOS Navigator 2) uses dn.ini for startup parameters.


  - none -


  Orthodox file managers are file managers that follow a two-panel
  paradigm, and are heavily influenced by Norton Commander.
  They are simple to use by mouse or keyboard to copy / move one or more
  files or folders from an active to a passive side, to execute files,
  to view or edit them, to sort or filter them, to search a special file
  within the whole HD or a special folder, to zip or unzip files / folders
  etc. etc.
  Means: You can execute a lot of things without the need to type a lot
  of commands.
  For more informations about Orthodox file managers and how to use
  them see Wikipedia:
    For more informations about DN (DOSnavigator) see:


  In this example the left side is the target (e.g. "C:\APPS\BLOCEK")
  and the right side is the source (e.g. CD-ROM drive
  "D:\PROGRAMS\BLOCEK"). You want to copy the content of the source
  (CD-ROM drive) to "C:\APPS\BLOCEK" and read info.txt and then execute
  BLOCEK from there.
  Start the file manager. There are two sides. Choose the drive letter
  "C:" on the left side and "D:" on the right side (can usually be done
  anywhere on top of the left / right side, position varies). Then go to
  your target side, ("C"), navigate to your destination folder (a ".."
  means: go back to root step by step (e.g. from C:\FREEDOS\BIN to
  C:\FREEDOS and one more ".." to C:\). In case that C:\APPS does not
  exist create it with the correct Fx key (usual: F7) or go into the
  folder by double clicking (or: ENTER) on the folder name APPS (folders
  are shown in UPPERCASE LETTERS, files in lowercase letters OR in
  different colours). Create the folder BLOCEK with key Fx (usual: F7)
  and go inside with a doubleclick or ENTER.
  When you are at the correct target position the left headline should
  show the correct path (e.g. "C:\APPS\BLOCEK" and a ".." below).

  As a next goto the right side, navigate through till you are at "D:\"
  (see above), navigate to "D:\PROGRAMS\BLOCEK".
  Then select the file(s) or folder(s) you want to copy (should be folders
  FONTY, JAZNAS, KEY_TBL, PLUGINY etc. and single files like info.bat,
  blocek.exe etc. with the right mouse button or INSERT key (or another
  one, depends on Commander). If you do so again, it should unselect them.
  Click on Fx button (usual: F5) Copy and it copies the files to the left
  After you have copied the files to C:\APPS\BLOCEK you can read info.txt
  by a click on it and pressing F3 (View) or F4 (Edit).
  To execute the program blocek doubleclick on blocek.exe.

  Long story short: Depending on what you want to do, it either runs on
  the selected side or does the job from the selected side to the other.
  You can work from left to right or from right to left as you like it.
  Below the two windows there is also a line for entering a DOS command.
  Depending on the used Commander there are also a lot of other features.
  Just try them out.

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