Command: GNU CHCP

  GNUCHCP changes the EGA/VGA bitmap font in text mode.


  GNUCHCP [filename]  (to load font)
  GNUCHCP -r          (to restore system font)


  - see above -


  GNU CHCP is intended to clone the CHCP command found in DOS. However,
  it is not compatible. Never worry however, because IMHO GNU CHCP is
  superior to Microsoft's CHCP in that it comes with a sofware (GNU
  TTF2FNT) to convert TTF fonts to DOS fonts.
  This is absolutely the first of its kind. No other software exists
  capable of converting TTF files into DOS fonts.
  As if this were not enough, a set of free fonts comes with this


  gnuchcp C:\UTIL\GNUFONTS\antique.fnt  (uses antique.fnt)
  gnuchcp -r                            (removes antique.fnt)

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