Command: listvesa

  ListVESA is a utility to report which VESA video modes are supported
  by the system's hardware. You can use command line options to tailor
  information listed to one specific mode, modes supporting a specific
  color bit depth, modes supporting linear frame buffer, or simply
  general information on the video adapter itself or a table summarizing
  available modes with no detailed screen data.
  Note: This application requires a 386 or higher CPU.


  listvesa [options]


  /A    Shows adapter info only, no data on specific modes.
  /D n  Shows only modes with a color depth of n.
  /L    Shows only modes which support a linear frame buffer.
  /M n  Shows info only for the specified mode n. Implies /V.
  /S    Shows a summary of modes instead of detailed mode information.
  /V    Lists all screen modes, no matter how illogical they may seem.

  Numbers for all options may be entered in decimal, hexadecimal, or
  Options may be combined. For example, LISTVESA /D 8 /L would list
  only all screen modes with 8-bit color depth and which support a
  linear frame buffer.


  ERRORLEVELs Returned:
  1  VESA not supported on this machine.
  2  Requested mode does not exist on the system.


  - none -

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