Command: localcfg

  LOCALCFG creates a custom COUNTRY.SYS-like file matching your


  localcfg myprefs.sys [options]


  Options allow to configure country locales to your likening, as
    /country:XX Indicates your country code is XX (1 for USA, 33 for
                France, etc)
    /cp:XXX     Adapts country data for codepage XXX (example: '437')
    /decim:X    Reconfigures the decimal symbol to be 'X'
    /thous:X    Reconfigures the thousands symbol to be 'X'
    /datesep:X  Sets the date separator to 'X' (for example '/')
    /datefmt:X  Sets the date format, can be: MDY, DMY or YMD
    /timesep:X  Sets the time separator to 'X" (for example ':')
    /timefmt:X  Sets the time format: 0=12h with AM/PM or 1=24h
    /curr:XXX   Sets the currency to XXX (a string of 1 to 4 characters)
    /currpos:X  Sets the currency symbol position X, where X is either
                0=currency precedes the value, 1=currency follows the
                value and 2=currency replaces the decimal sign
    /currspc:X  Space between the currency and the value (0=no, 1=yes)
    /currprec:X Currency's precision (number of decimal digits, 0..9)
    /yesno:XY   Sets the 'Yes/No' letter to XY (default: YN)
    If COUNTRY.SYS location is not provided, then localcfg tries loading


  Localcfg is a 16 bit tool designed for DOS. It provides an easy way of
  configurating system locales by generating a custom COUNTRY.SYS file
  that reflects the exact preferences of the user. Localcfg supports NLS.


  Settings for Germany:
  localcfg /country:49 /cp:858 /decim:, /thous:. /datesep:. /datefmt:DMY
           /timesep:: /timefmt:1 /curr:EUR /currpos:1 /currspc:1
           /currprec:2 /yesno:JN

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