Command: pbox (Password Box)

  PasswordBox is a console-mode program which will keep all your
  passwords safe, inside an encrypted database.
  This program is written by Mateusz Viste, and uses the AES
  implementation of Chris Brown to handle all encryption/decryption


  PBOX [--help][--dump]


  --help  Displays a help screen (any unsupported parameter will display
          it, too).
  --dump  Lists all the data of your encrypted database on screen.


  CAUTION: This program features 128 bits AES encryption, which might be
  illegal in your country.

  Q: Where does PasswordBox store its encrypted database?
  A: The location of the database (which is, by the way, a single file)
     depends on the system you are running PasswordBox on. To know where
     the database is stored on your system, just type "pbox --help" -
     the location of the database will be printed on the screen.

  Q: I lost my master password! How can I recover all informations that
     I stored inside my encrypted database?
  Y: You can't. That's the whole point of encrypting informations: you
     won't be able to get these informations unless you provide the
     password which was used to encrypt the database.

  Q: Why have you created yet another password-keeping program?? They
     are already plenty of them out there!
  A: That's right, there are many programs which allow you to keep a
     database of passwords, PINs, etc. However, I needed a *simple*
     program running on my Linux console, so I could access it easily
     via remote sessions. I couldn't find any program fulfilling these
     needs, therefore I decided to write my own.

  Q: I don't trust you. How do I know that your program isn't secretly
     sending all my passwords to you?
  A: PasswordBox, unlike many other similar applications, is published
     on a open source license (GNU/GPL). This allows you to examine the
     source of PasswordBox, which is available on my website, and
     recompile it by yourself if you really want to.


    Enter "PBOX" and you are asked for a MasterPassword.
    A user interface appears.
    Press "INSERT" to create a new entry, e.g. "Password of my email
    Press "ENTER" and you are asked for this password.
    Press "F1" - you will get a list of all available options.
    "INSERT" and you can add the password of another
    account or whatever. And "up/down", "pgUp/PgDown and so on.
    Quit with "ESC".
    Enter "PBOX", you are asked for your MasterPassword and then
    you get your passwords.

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  Copyright © 2009-2010 Mateusz Viste, help version 2023 W. Spiegl.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
  See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.