Command: stamp

  STAMP is a file attributes manipulation tool to set, view, and filter
  the timestamps of files.
  Features of STAMP:
  - Change date/time for files
  - Change attributes for files and directories
  - Compare date/time and attributes for files and directories
  - Date/time options allow get values from current and file date/time
    simultaneously with explicit numbers
  - Complex date/time comparision with current date/time, likewise with
  - Date/time in formats, that conforms COUNTRY settings
  - UNC and NetWare pathes allowed
  - Multiply targets in one command line
  - Extended wildcards: names can contain any number of '*', also as '?';
    "name" mean "name.", but "*" mean "*.*"
  - Option character ('/' or '-') autosense
  - Option to include directories names in wildcards search
  - Option to process files and directories in all of target's subdirectories
  - Option to process file with list of targets; missed argument mean
    standard input


  STAMP [/a<a>] [/d[<d>]] [/t[<t>]] {path | /@[list]}...
  STAMP [/a<a>] [/d[<d>]] [/t[<t>]] <compare> {path | /@[list]}...


  /r  - Include directories when search by wildcards
  /s  - Process files in all subdirectories of specified targets
  <a> - Union of attributes (ARHSD) with '+' or '-' prefix;
        prefixes can be ommited (i.e. /aha-sr works as /a+h+a-s-r),
        ommited argument clears RHS attributes (i.e. /a works as /a-rhs)
  <d>  - Date in [[[c]y]m]d (century, year, month, day) format*
  <t>  - Time in h[m[s]] (hour, minute, second) format*
  Compare options:
  /e  - Check if given date, time and/or attributes equal to file
  /g  - Check if given date and/or time greater than file
  /l  - Check if given date and/or time lesser than file
  /c  - Compare given date/time with current, not file date/time (i.e.
        "/d!!!! file /g /c" works same as "/d /l file")
  *  Ommited option don't touch corresponding attribute
  *  Fields must be '@' (gets value from current date/time), '!' (from
     file date/time) or 2-digit numbers; ommited argument mean current
     date/time (i.e. /d and /t works as /d@@@@ and /t@@@), ommited field
     mean '@' for date (unless century, which mean '!' if year represen-
     ted by '!') and 0 for time (i.e. /d!@@ and /t! works as /d!!@@
     and /t!0000)
  *  Date and time can be presented in formats, that conforms COUNTRY
     settings (i.e. for USA /d3-19-! works as /d!!1903)


    0  - Date/time and attributes setting or comparing successful
    1  - Compare (one of) is unsuccessful
    2  - Error file access or set file date/time/attributes
  128  - Invalid or diplicated option
  129  - Incompatible options, none targets or invalid arguments
  130  - Internal error (not enough memory or too deep directory)


  - none -

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  Copyright © 1998 Arkady Belousov, help version 2023 W. Spiegl.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
  See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.