Command: tp7p5fix / tp7test

  This program enables you to run programs built with Turbo/Borland
  Pascal 7.0/7.01 on computers with processors like Intel Pentium 200,
  Pentium II, AMD K6, K6-2, and faster ones.

Syntax: (enables fix), run again to disable.
  tp7test      (shows if fix is activated and works).


  - none -


  Normally you'll get a "Runtime error 200 at..." message right after
  running a program that uses the Crt unit, which has faulty code for
  processor speed estimation.
  This program doesn't make any changes in your executables - it's a
  TSR! It's very useful when you have no possibility to rebuild a


  A program shows you a "Runtime error 200 at 0004:0091".
  Execute tp7p5fix and the program should work.
  When you finished the program execute tp7p5fix again and the fix is

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