Command: wcd

  WCD is a command-line program to change directory fast. It saves time
  typing at the keyboard. One needs to type only a part of a directory
  name and WCD will jump to it. WCD has a fast selection method in case
  of multiple matches and allows aliasing and banning of directories. WCD
  also includes a full screen interactive directory tree browser with
  speed search.


  wcd [options] [directory]


  -a                      Add current path to treefile
  -aa                     Add current and all parent paths to treefile
  -A PATH                 Add tree from PATH
  -b                      Ban current path
  -c,  --direct-cd        Direct CD mode
  -d DRIVE                Set DRIVE for stack & go files (DOS)
  -e                      Add current path to Extra treefile
  -ee                     Add current and all parent paths to Extra treefile
  -E PATH                 Add tree from PATH to Extra treefile
  -f FILE                 Use extra treeFile
  +f FILE                 Add extra treeFile
  -g                      Graphics
  -gd                     Graphics, dump tree
  -G PATH                 Set PATH Go-script
  -GN, --no-go-script     No Go-script
  -h,  --help             Show this Help
  -i,  --ignore-case      Ignore case (default)
  +i,  --no-ignore-case   Regard case
  -I,  --ignore-diacritics     Ignore diacritics
  +I,  --no-ignore-diacritics  Regard diacritics (default)
  -j,  --just-go          Just go mode
  -k,  --keep-paths       Keep paths
  -K,  --color            Colors
  -l ALIAS                aLias current directory
  -ls                     List the aliases
  -L,  --license          show software License
  -m DIR                  Make DIR, add to treefile
  -M DIR                  Make DIR, add to extra treefile
  -n PATH                 Use relative treefile in PATH
  +n PATH                 Add relative treefile in PATH
  -N,  --numbers          Use Numbers
  -o                      Use stdOut
  -od, --to-stdout        Dump matches
  -q,  --quiet            Quieter operation
  -r DIR                  Remove DIR
  -rmtree DIR             Remove DIR recursive
  -s                      Scan disk from $HOME
  -S PATH                 Scan disk from PATH
  +S PATH                 Scan disk from PATH, create relative treefile
  -t                      don't strip /tmp_mnt from paths
  -T,  --ascii-tree       draw tree with ASCII characters
  -Ta, --alt-tree-nav     Alternative tree navigation
  -TC, --center-tree      Centered tree view
  -Tc, --compact-tree     Compact tree
  -Td, --cjk-width        Support legacy CJK fonts
  -u USER                 Use USER's treefile
  +u USER                 Add USER's treefile
  -v,  --verbose          Verbose operation
  -V,  --version          Show Version info
  -w,  --wild-match-only  Wild matching only
  -x PATH                 eXclude PATH during disk scan
  -xf FILE                eXclude paths from FILE
  -y,  --assume-yes       assume Yes on all queries
  -z NUMBER               Set max stack siZe
  -[NUMBER]               push dir (NUMBER times)
  +[NUMBER]               pop dir (NUMBER times)
  =                       show stack


  The 16 bit Real Mode version of WCD has NO NLS support.
  WCD has an extensive documentation that is beyond the scope of
  this help. For more information see:
  OR: OR:


  Search for C:\FREEDOS\DOC
  You are at C:
  wcd doc
  wcd shows you the following result:

  Type "d" and you are at C:\FREEDOS\DOC

See also:


  Copyright © 1996-2018 Erwin Waterlander, help version
  2023 W. Spiegl.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
  See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.