Command: whiptail (wptail)

  With WHIPTAIL you can create TUI dialog boxes and form and collect user
  input using libnewt. (Requires CWSDPMI.)


  See below, no more information available!


  Box options:
  --msgbox <text> <height> <width>
  --yesno <text> <height> <width>
  --infobox <text> <height> <width>
  --inputbox <text> <height> <width> [init]
  --passwordbox <text> <height> <width> [init]
  --textbox <file> <height> <width>
  --menu <text> <height> <width> <listheight> [tag item]...
  --checklist <text> <height> <width> <listheight> [tag item status]...
  --radiolist <text> <height> <width> <listheight> [tag item status]...
  --gauge <text> <height> <width> <percent>

  Options (depend on box-option):
  --clear                      Clear screen on exit
  --defaultno                  Default no button
  --default-item <string>      Set default string
  --fb                         Use full buttons
  --nocancel                   No cancel button
  --yes-button <text>          Set text of yes button
  --no-button <text>           Set text of no button
  --ok-button <text>           Set text of ok button
  --cancel-button <text>       Set text of cancel button
  --noitem                     Display tags only
  --separate-output            Output one line at a time
  --output-fd <fd>             Output to fd, not stdout
  --title <title>              Display title
  --backtitle <backtitle>      Display backtitle
  --scrolltext                 Force vertical scrollbars
  --topleft                    Put window in top-left corner


  Sorry, but I found no documentation about this program.


  whiptail --msgbox "Hello world, how are you?" 25 30 --title "Hello!"

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  Copyright © 2009 Blair Dude, help version 2023 W. Spiegl.
  This tool bases on Red Hat,

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
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