Command: xdel

  XDEL is an extended file deletion tool, (actual version: 1.0.8!)


  XDEL [/options] [@][d:][path]filename[.ext]... [/options]


  @             the following filename is the name of a file list
  d:            drive which xdel is to search
  path          directory where search is to begin
  filename.ext  file to be deleted (wildcards allowed)
  /D            remove empty subdirectories
  /N or /Y      delete specified files with no warning (CAREFUL!)
  /O            overwrite before deleting - file contents PERMANENTLY LOST
  /P            prompt before deleting each file
  /R            delete read-only files
  /S            delete files in subdirectories
  /H or /?      this help message
  Multiple files may be specified on the command line.


  XDEL was introduced by DR-DOS and a long time later M$ introduced
  DELTREE. This implementation of XDEL is intended to be 100% compatible
  with DR-DOS version. If you find anything different, consider it a bug
  and send me a notofication, please.
  XDEL can be used in place of DELTREE, but in fact it has more options,
    - Default is not to delete Read/Only files,
    - Option to include _or_not_ subdirectories,
    - Option to wipe all files before deleting,
    - Options to ask or not for confirmation, individualy or globally.
  XDEL has the following ERRORLEVEL / EXITCODES
    1 = Syntax error
    2 = Could not delete (for any reason, including operator cancel)
    3 = Out of memory


  Differences to deletree:
  XDEL  /RY  *.*
    will remove all files, including R/O and it will NOT ask for
    confirmation :)
  It has one major difference:
    will delete all files and subdirectories just as
    DELTREE /Y DIR\*.*
  but the directory DIR\  will NOT be removed (This is the DR-DOS

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  Copyright © 2002 Alain Mouette, help version 2023 W. Spiegl.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
  See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.