Command: zdir

  ZDir is a powerful directory utility with coloring by extension,
  sorting, easy configuration, full wildcards, and more.


  zdir [options] [d:] [path] [filespec[.ext]] [options]


 /H /?       This help screen
 /R          Registration information
 /Lfilename  Write a listing to filename, which may be a device (PRN or
             LPT1 for printer, AUX or COM1 for modem, etc.)
 /A          Write ANSI color codes to the file if one is specified by /L
 /F          File find - lists all files in specified directory and in
             all directories below it
 /T          Display a directory Tree, including only specified files
             and using the specified directory as the root of the tree
 /U          Only list the entries matching a User extension
 /+A or /-A  Turn on or off archive attribute for all found files
 /+H or /-H  Turn on or off hidden attribute for all found files
 /+R or /-R  Turn on or off read only attribute for all found files
 /+S or /-S  Turn on or off system attribute for all found files
 /Y          Allow attribute changing to affect directories
Options to override defaults:
 /N /X /Z /D Primary sort by file Name, eXtension, siZe or Date and time
 /S          Perform no Sort at all (like the DOS dir command).
 /#          Display in this many columns (1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 or W)
 /K          Toggle wait for key at the end of every displayed screen

  To configure every option and color of ZDIR, run the program ZDircfg.


  ZanySoft Dir (ZDir) is an easy to use and very powerful directory
  lister. The main purpose of ZDir is to replace the generic DIR command
  with a fast, easily readable display with more functionality. It can
  organize the file listing with many sorting options, color files based
  upon their extension, choose how many columns to use in the display,
  find files, draw a tree of the directory structure, use full-scale
  wildcards, and much more. Besides being powerful and easy to use, ZDir
  is also easy to configure with the included configuration program
  ZDircfg. It is very easy for a novice computer user to learn how to
  use ZDir, but has many features that expand upon the basic directory
  listing capability.
  For more information see: OR: OR:


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  Copyright © 1994 Christopher Kirmse, help version 2023 W. Spiegl.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
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