Whatis, Apropos

Clone of the Linux "whatis" and "apropos" commands for FreeDOS.
    whatis [program]
    apropos subject
Type WHATIS without giving a [program] name to get a one line desciption of all the external programs and utilities in your FreeDOS installation. Internal commands are not displayed.

Type WHATIS with a [program] name to get a one line description of that program.

Use APROPOS to find programs that are apropriate for the given subject.


    APROPOS disk
Will display a list of disk utilities.


WHATIS and APROPOS base their help on the lsm files stored in the APPINFO directory.

The first time it is run, WHATIS/APROPOS builds a database and stores it in the help directory in the FreeDOS installation. This database can be recreated by using:
Additional options are:
    A non-default path to the .lsm files (instead of appinfo in the FreeDOS directory)

    A non-default location for the database (instead of help in the FreeDOS directory)

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