Command: fdnpkg (substitute for fdpkg)

  FDNPKG is network-enabled package manager for DOS. FDNPKG is released
  under the MIT license. It allows to install/remove/update software on
  a compatible DOS system using remote or local repositories. Remote
  (online) repositories can be either http or gopher URLs. FDNPKG is
  written by Mateusz Viste, primarily for the FreeDOS (tm) Project, but
  it can be used on other DOS systems as well. FDNPKG comes with a
  lightweight tool called FDINST that is suitable for old, pre-386
  systems with low amounts of memory. FDINST doesn't provide network
  support. FDNPKG stands for "FreeDOS Network Package manager".
  FDNPKG is the substitute for FDPKG.


  FDNPKG action [parameters]


  Where action is one of the following:
  search [string]    Search net repositories for package containing
  vsearch [string]   Same as 'search', but prints also source
  install pkg        Install the package 'pkg' (or local zip file).
  install-nosrc pkg  Install the package 'pkg' (or local zip file)
                     w/o sources.
  install-wsrc pkg   Install the package 'pkg' (or local zip file)
                     with sources.
  remove pkgname     Remove the package 'pkgname'.
  listlocal [str]    List all local (installed) packages containing
  listfiles pkg      List files owned by the package 'pkg'.
  checkupdates       Check for available updates of packages and display
  update [pkg]       Update 'pkg' to last version (or all packages if
                     no arg).
  dumpcfg            Print out the configuration loaded from the
                     cfg file.
  clearcache         Clear FDNPKG's local cache.
  license            Print out the license of this program.
  /?, -h, --help     Shows the help.


  FDNPKG is handling FreeDOS packages. A "package" is an archive
  containing software in its binary and/or source code form. FreeDOS
  packages are in fact standard ZIP files that contain a predefined
  directory tree (eg. BIN/, SOURCE/, DOC/...). FDNPKG performs a set
  of tests on the package before trying to install it, and refuses to
  install packages that seem to be invalid.
  The ZIP format is a container that allows for multiple compression
  algorithms to be used. FDNPKG supports these: stored files (no
  compression), deflate and lzma.

  The FDNPKG configuration file is a text file that contains various
  directives, like repositories declarations, cache time, etc. I won't
  describe the configuration file here, because it's pretty well
  commented itself. FDNPKG looks for its configuration file into
  %DOSDIR%\BIN\FDNPKG.CFG by default, but you can make FDNPKG use a
  configuration file at any other location, by setting the FDNPKG.CFG
  environnement variable.


  You can find the files at the FreeDOS live CD at
  \Packages\APPS or ARCHIVER etc. OR at:
    fdnpkg install (or another one).
  To uninstall type:
    fdnpkg remove tar (not or another one).

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  Copyright © 2022 W. Spiegl.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
  See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.