Command: fdinst

    FDINST is a lightweigth package installer for FreeDOS. It is an
    alternative to FDNPKG, when only basic, local install/remove
    actions are necessary. FDINST is a 16-bit, 8086-compatible
    application running in real mode.


  fdinst install
  fdinst remove package
    (package  the file name of the package to install or remove.)


  install  Installs a FreeDOS compatible package (zip file name).
  remove   Removes an installed package (package name only).
  --help   Shows the help.
  /?       Shows the help.


  FDINST shares most of its source code with FDNPKG to guarantee
  consistent behaviour of both tools. It also uses FDNPKG's configuration
  file to ensure that both tools handle packages exactly the same way.

  FDINST however is a much simpler tool:
  -  No internationalization support.
  -  No networking.
  -  No repository handling.
  -  No support for the LZMA compression method.

  Shortly said, FDINST is able to do only two basic things:
  -  Install a single package from a local ZIP/ZIB package.
  -  Remove an already installed package.

  The advantage of FDINST is that it is a 16-bit tool with very low
  hardware requirements:
  -  8086 CPU or compatible.
  -  400K of available conventional RAM.


  You can find the package zip files on the FreeDOS LiveCD in the
  subdirectory \Packages\APPS or ARCHIVER etc. OR online at:

    fdinst install (or a different package).

  To uninstall type:
    fdinst remove tar (do not include the .zip file extension).

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  Copyright © 2023 Jerome Shidel.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
  See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.