Networking FreeDOS - Crynwr

  The Crynwr packet driver collection provides Network connectivity. They
  were written by Russell Nelson of Crynwr Software. These are based on the
  original specification, a skeleton is freely available and most
  network card vendors will provide a packet driver. As this is an open
  standard it is the one most used by GNU and shareware programmers. (See
  also WatTCP).
  There are "shims" which allow both ODI and NDIS NIC drivers to be used,
  but which the applications think are packet drivers.
  The Crynwr drivers are OSI Certified Open Source software. Unlike NDIS
  or ODI, the Packet Driver Specification is freely copyable.

External Links

  * (*01) Crynwr website, see:

  * (*02) Crynwr packet drivers, see:

          (everything in ONE LINE, NO free space!)
  * (*03) Packet Driver Specification, see:

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