Networking FreeDOS - Network

  Networks allow two or more computers to connect and share information,
  such as via the Internet and a web browser. To get connected, you will
  need either a Modem or an Ethernet card. If you choose Ethernet, you
  will need a supported driver, such as Crynwr, ODI or NDIS. The most
  common protocol is TCP/IP, but many networks also support IPX/SPX. To
  share data with other systems, you will need NFS or CIFS.
    * Main article: Networking FreeDOS.

External Links

    * Bart's Network Boot Disk ver 2.7  (Bart Lagerweij, see: (*01))
    * DOS Applications for Internet Use (Michael Bernardi, see: (*02))
    * DOS-Meta FAQ: Useful information for DOS users (Michael Bernardi,
      see: (*03))

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  (*02) Link is still OK, see also:
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  (*03) Link is still OK, see also:
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