Networking FreeDOS - IPX/SPX

  IPX/SPX stands for Internetwork Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet
  Exchange. IPX and SPX are networking protocols used primarily on
  a Network using the Novell NetWare operating systems. This is a
  very memory efficient protocol and was originally combined with
  the NIC driver.
  With the advent of cheaper memory and the explosion of Internet use,
  Novell has moved away from using IPX/SPX and now uses TCP/IP as the
  default protocol for NetWare instead.

External Links

    * "Open Data-Link Interface Developer's Guide for NetWare DOS Work-
      station Drivers", Revision A (Novell)
    * ODI Specification: NetWare 16-Bit DOS Protocol Stacks and MLIDs,
      Version 1.03 (Novell), see:
      documentation/lancomp/dos_psta/dos_pstack.pdf (*01).
    * Bart's Network Boot Disk ver 2.7 (Bart Lagerweij), see: (*02).
    * NwDsk: NetWare Boot Disk (IP/IPX) ver 3.25 (Erwin Veermans),
      see: (*03).

    (*01) Link is no longer available, new link:
          (everything in ONE LINE, NO free space!)
          (everything in ONE LINE, NO free space!)
    (*02) Link is no longer available, new link:
          (everything in ONE LINE, NO free space!)
    (*03) Link is still OK, see also:

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