Command: foxtype

  FoxType is an open-source program similar to the DOSish 'TYPE' command.
  The main differences are that FoxType works in graphic mode (so it
  does not allow redirection nor piping) and it's able to display UTF-8
  text files.
  FoxType is a 32 bits application, so it requires at least a 80386
  processor with a VGA graphic card.


  FOXTYPE file.txt [/1280]


  The /1280 parameter switches FoxType to 1280x1024 video mode (requires
  a VESA 1.2 compatible graphic card). In that mode FoxType supports more
  Unicode characters, for example some asian scripts which are too complex
  to be displayed at 640x480 resolution, other glyphs are simply smoother.
  If you would like FoxType used that video mode by default, you should
  specify a DOS environment variable 'FOXTYPE = /1280'. To do that, just
  type in the DOS prompt 'SET FOXTYPE=/1280'.


  Before using the 1280x1024 VESA graphic mode, please check in your
  computer's documentation if your monitor can handle it! There is a
  risk that such high resolution could damage some old-generation
  monitors (usualy those made before 1998 are the most vulnerable).


  foxtype file.txt

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