Command: pg (pager)

  PG -- PaGer
  A text file viewer with mouse interface.
  It browses any text file and with more advanced features.


  PG [/? | filename ... | @file ]


  /?       - displays a brief help on screen
  filename - page through filename on the PC screen
           - filename maybe in wildcard format
  ...      - support multiple filenames
  @file    - response file with a list of files to view.
  If filename is omitted, read data from <stdin>

  OR  command | PG  like
      dir /s  | PG


  Control is intuitive, Keys defined as:
  PG Key:     Meaning:
  Esc,Q,q     Exit program
  B,b         Toggle bit 7 on/off
  H,h         Hex view
  W,w         Wrap long lines
  Up          Scroll down 1 line
  Down,Enter  Scroll up 1 line
  Page Up     Scroll down 1 page
  Page Down   Scroll up 1 page
  Home        First page
  End         Last page
  Left        Pan view left 30 columns (1..256)
  Right       Pan view right 30 columns (1..256)
  1..0        Save current position to boomark #1..5
  Alt-1..0    Jump to saved bookmark
  Alt-D       Jump to DOS shell
  Alt-E       Toggle VGA 25/28/50 Lines
  Alt-F       Enter new path and file name
  Backspace   Jump to a line as far as possible
  F1          Online help (PG.MAN this file)
  S-F1        One Line Chinese
  F2          Continue to search backward (Case Insensitive) (CI)
  S-F2        Continue to search backward (Case Sensitive) (CS)
  F3          Continue to search forward  (CI)
  S-F3        Continue to search forward  (CS)
  F4          Enter search mode and input search string (CI)
  S-F4        Recall search history
  F5          Save 1 screenful of text to "PG.SAV"
  S-F5        View "PG.SAV"
  F6          Change the foreground color in text window
  S-F6        Change the background color in text window
  F7          Change to a different language font (immediate)
  S-F7        Change to a different language font (deferred)
  F8          Save filename, color and topline to "PG.PG"
  S-F8        Recall saved filename from "PG.PG"
  F9          Reload files from proceeding command line argument
  S-F9        Remove "PG.PG"
  F10         Reload files from following command line argument
  S-F10       Remove "PG.SAV"
  C-PgUp      View previous file
  C-PgDn      View next file
  Linux DOSEMU user may press 'n'/'p' for next/prev. file in TUI mode


  For more informations see:
  PG.MAN?ref_type=heads> OR:


  PG C:\PATH\example.txt
  and then navigate through the document

See also:


  Copyright © 1995-1998 Bill Weinmen, 2007 BAHCL,
  help version 2023 W. Spiegl.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
  See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.