Command: pkgmaker (part of pkgtools)

  PKGMAKER is a Command line utility to assist in creating packages for
  FreeDOS. It can be used in several ways.
  By default the first time PKGMAKER is run, it scans the filesystem and
  stores information about it. On the second run, it compares the new
  state to the previous scan and generate a new package LSM and LST files


  PKGMAKER: [options] [package]


  /H        Display help and exit.
  /I        Perform Initial scan (default on first run).
  /S        Perform Secondary scan (default for second run).
  /D drive  Include drive in scan (by default only C: is scanned).
  /K        Don't delete scan data after second scan.
  /M        Don't scan, just create the package metadata files.
  /A file   Add a file to the package metadata.
  /R wild   Detach files from the package metadata. (does not delete it)
  /F        Occasionally, you may want to force it to do something.
  /Z        Create zip archive of the package.


  Lets say you have a program with an installer that you want to convert
  over to a package. Easy. Simply run PKGMAKER. Perform your install.
  Run PKGMAKER again. It would look something like this:
    pkgmaker anewpkg
    pkgmaker /z
  Thats all there is to it. Well mostly all. Well, I guess there is a lot
  more to mention...

  The first time it is run it records the state of the drive where
  FreeDOS is installed. You can have it record additional drives using
  the /d switch. Do you want to include drive D: and E:? Then, just put
  a /d de on the command line.
  Don't panic if you forgot to do it. Simply tell PKGMAKER to do the
  initial scan again using the /i switch.

  After you do you install, you run PKGMAKER a second time. If you did
  not   provide the package name on the first pass, you'll need to do it
  now. It will scan the drive(s) a second time and compare it to the
  original scan. A package file list will be generated using any new
  files it finds. It will also create a template LSM file at this time.
  Also, if it finds that a pre-existing file was modified it will create
  a .MOD file listing those files.

  The created .LSM, .LST and .MOD files will be stored in the normal
  package management directories under %DOSDIR%\APPINFO and %DOSDIR%\
  PACKAGES. And you could use a package manager like FDNPKG to "uninstall"
  your newly created package now. But, we aren't done yet.

  At this point, you'll probably want to edit your text base metadata
  file. It was stored at %DOSDIR%\APPINFO\ANEWPKG.LSM with some bland
  generic text. Things like Title, Version, Description, and License will
  all need updated.

  Now, we want to "zip-n-ship" it. PKGMAKER comes with a default config
  file that is used to remap "real" directories to the "pseudo" directory
  structure used for packages. If things are not ending up where you
  expect when your package is installed, it probably is a remapping issue.
  Mapping multiple "pseudo" directories to a single "real" directory can
  be confusing to re-mapper. It really has no way to tell which one you
  really want and will just pick one.

  I hope that covers most of the important things. Oh, did I mention you
  can attach and detach files from packages as well? Or sometimes you can
  force PKGMAKER to ignore a bunch of different errors and procede anyway?

  NOTE: At present Long File Names (LFN) are not supported. You also need
  to have ZIP installed.


  See comments.

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  Copyright © 2023 Jerome Shidel, help version 2023 W. Spiegl.

  This file is derived from the FreeDOS Spec Command HOWTO.
  See the file H2Cpying for copying conditions.