Networking FreeDOS - Ethernet

  Ethernet is a family of frame-based computer Network technologies for
  local area networks (LANs). The name comes from the physical concept of
  the ether. Network Interface Cards (NICs), such as 3Com and others, can
  be found for varying different networks. The most common is Ethernet
  (in various flavors) Token Ring and Arcnet. NICs are most commonly
  available for PCI, but older ISA cards may still be available. Most
  recent PCs have network interfaces built onto the motherboard.
  Laptops typically also support wireless networking, or WiFi.
  An Ethernet connection is the easiest method of using ADSL via a Modem
  or router. Though it may be possible to use a USB driver it would be
  more difficult.
  If you choose ethernet, you will need a supported driver, such as
  Crynwr, ODI or NDIS. The most common protocol is TCP/IP, but many
  networks also support IPX/SPX. To share data with other systems, you
  will need NFS or CIFS.

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